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How accurate are your sensors?


3FP™ Pressure Sensors are the most accurate sensors for race applications on the market today:

-40°F to -4°F = 1.5% FSO
-4°F to 185°F = 1% FSO
185°F to 275°F = 1.5% FSO

What applications can I use 3FP™ sensors for?


Our pressure sensors are compatible with most oils, fuels and gasses used by racers today. Our sensors are being deployed in fuel systems, lubrication systems, induction systems, to measure boost pressure, etc. Wherever you need rugged, accurate & reliable pressure sensor data acquisition - you can deploy 3FP™ pressure sensors with confidence.

Are your sensors better than the popular green pressure sensors used today?


Yes, our sensors have been side-by-side comparison tested to the best pressure sensors in the industry... Trensor's 3FP™ pressure sensors are more robust and more accurate than anything we tested.